Happy, I Choose You!

Hello World Redux (3-27-2018)

Exactly 30 Days ago an incident took place that would forever impact my life; in one fell swoop eighty (80) Combined years of love and friendship vanished in spectacular fashion right before my eyes as if it never existed.  Some gone forever, surely beyond repair and the remainder in a definite state of limbo.   There was no warning, I never saw it coming and the after effects still linger.

What’s a guy to do?

I have faced many challenges in life and fancy myself born to be resilient; you could even say I am driven by adversity ): (. But how exactly does one recover and move on from such a staggering development and personal loss while still maintaining a positive outlook on life and faith in humanity?

Today your guess is a good as mine,  but here I sit smiling, up for the task and inviting you all along for the ride as I embark my journey to choose Happy!

Life is too short, be Happy NO Mad

Stay tuned 🙂